To Bake or Not to Bake

THP - Welcome and ExpectationThe total initial investment necessary to begin operation of a Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise ranges from $400,037 – $566,837. This includes:

  • Initial franchise fee of $30,000
  • Grand Opening allocation $5,000 – $7,000
  • Build out
  • Signage
  • Equipment
  • Initial inventory
  • Working capital
  • We collect a 5% royalty and 4% for marketing on a weekly basis.
  • The range varies depending on construction cost and level of working capital injected.

Franchise candidates and their partners/investors must have a combined liquid capital of at least $150K and a combined net worth of at least $600K to qualify financially.

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We offer our franchisees a protected territory for their Nothing Bundt Cakes franchise. Our protected territory is built around your location based upon our target customer demographics. The territory’s size and shape depend on the nature of the geographic area. Boundaries are defined by zip code, county and city lines, streets and highways, trade areas, and natural barriers.